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New Start Ch. 2 - A South of Nowhere and Glee Fic

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Dec. 9th, 2010 | 08:39 pm
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Title: New Start (2/?)
Fandoms: South of Nowhere/Glee
Rating: Pg-13(for now atleast)
Characters/Pairings: Ashley, Rachel, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Spencer, Glee Cast. This isn't a Spashley fic, but telling you anymore would ruin things :)
Length: 1386(I'm going to try writing longer chapters as the story progresses)
Summary: Ashley moves to Ohio to get away from her past. Who does she make friends and falls in love with? What about Spencer?
Disclaimer: I own nothing that I haven't made up. Unfamiliar names at the end are ones I made up.
A/N Unbeta'd for now. Sorry how long this took. I've been extremely busy with school and it leaves me drained. The ending is kind of rushed, so sorry about that. I'll try fixing it when I get the chance.

The master bedroom was on the left side of the hall between two other rooms. The bathroom connected was through the door on the right side of her room. Ashley chose the room to the left of her room to be her library and the room to the right to be her music room. Raife chose the room closest to the stairs on the right side of the hall. The bathroom was in the middle and the spare room was at the end. Ashley was unsure of what she wanted to use it for.

Throughout the whole week, father and daughter worked together to set up the rooms. They organized all of Ashley’s books on the bookshelves Raife bought for her. They put a round table and two comfy chairs and a bean bag chair in the middle of the room. That took them several hours, but they had fun spending time together. Ashley organized her music room herself. One wall held a shelf for all of her albums, another had a desk against it holding her music, and the wall opposite the door is where her guitar and equipment lay. She asked her dad if they could turn part of it into a recording studio, so they did.

Saturday afternoon, Ashley drove to the closest store to gather school supplies. She had her class schedule: first period, Pre-Calculus; second period, Chemistry; homeroom; third period, Psychology; lunch; fourth period, U.S. History; fifth period, English 11; sixth period, free period; and seventh period, Study Hall; so she could make sure she bought everything she needed. She didn’t really need too much, just a scientific calculator, five notebooks, six folders (one for loose-leaf paper), a messenger bag, a packet of loose-leaf paper, a pencil case, a few mechanical pencils, blue and black pens, and a pencil case. That evening, Ashley packed her new materials into her bag, then went and ate pizza

Raife had bought.

Sunday, Ashley toured around Lima trying to get a feel for the small town. She was walking, not driving, though. She first traveled over to the park a block from her house. There was a small pond that had ducks and geese floating atop of it. Trees surrounded the back part of the pond forming a small wooded area. A few trees were dotted around the rest of the park along with two swing sets, three different sized slides, a merry-go-round, and a six-by-six sandbox. It was a peaceful setting, especially with the black and grey squirrels chasing each other around the park and up the trees and children having fun.

She also found a few fast-food and non-fast-food restaurants (Breadstix apparently being a favorite); woods on the outskirts of town with a clearing in the middle; a dance and music studio (there were separate classes within the building); a couple gas stations; many houses; the pool; the school building; and her favorite, a music and comic book shop. She stopped in there for a bit to look around and decided she’ll have to come back in a few days to buy some things.


6 A.M.

Beep, beep, beep, beep….A hand came down hard on the alarm clock to shut it up. Ashley groggily got up to get ready for the first day of school. She went through the motions if dressing in the outfit she had picked out the night before, going down stairs and eating a bowl of cereal, going back upstairs to do her hair and brush her teeth, and getting her stuff around to leave. By then she was wide awake, and it was 6:45. There was still forty-five minutes until she had to leave for school.

Walking out of her room in a dark blue t-shirt and black skinny jeans, Ashley crossed the hall to her dad’s room. “Hey, Dad, are you awake?” she knocked. She soon heard a muffled reply and told him, “I’m leaving in forty minutes and wanted to make sure you were up. I might leave early, too.” After hearing an okay, Ashley went back to her room to grab her bag, phone, and iPod then headed down stairs.

Ashley decided to head out ten minutes after talking to her father, but grabbed a bottle of water before leaving. “I guess I can walk around at school for a little bit; familiarize myself better since I didn’t have a chance to check out the whole school,” she said to herself. Ashley did just that when she entered the school fifteen minutes later, but first she headed to her locker, number 704, to take out her supplies and put her bag away.

“What was it?” Ashley thought aloud at her full length locker. She tried 3, 35, 14; 1, 34, 17; and 2, 30, 15 before she got her locker unlocked with the combination 2, 36, 16. “Finally! It only took me eight minutes,” she partially exclaimed. She quickly emptied the necessities from her bag and hung it up before heading toward her first period class.

I didn’t appear is if any had been in the pre-calc room, especially since she was about a half-hour early. School doesn’t start until 7:55 here at William McKinley High, so Ashley went to do what she said she would.

Twenty minutes later Ashley found herself back in the pre-calculus room with three other people in the back: two blondes and a brunette, all in cheerleading uniforms. The Hispanic brunette was listening to her iPod, the taller blonde seemed like she was in her own little world, and the other blonde was drawing in her notebook. Ashley just continued to where she placed her books: the front row closest to the door.

As she sat down, Ashley heard the movement of the girls come closer to her and turned around.

“You new here?” asked the tall blonde. Ashley just nodded her head. “Cool! I’m Brittany, by the way,” Brittany said with a huge grin.

“I’m Ashley.”

“I’m Quinn,” the other blonde said.

“Santana.” Stated the brunette. She looked relatively uninterested, but Ashley figured one of the blondes would reprimand her if she didn’t say something.

“Where did you move from?” Quinn asked.

“Los Angeles. I moved here with my father. Not to be mean or anything, but before you ask, I’m not going to answer why I moved here.”

“Aw, I was getting ready to ask that,” whined Brittany. Ashley couldn’t stand to the pout on her face because it looked so sad.

“Don’t whine Brittany, she doesn’t have to tell us if she doesn’t want to,” the other blonde told her. It was then Ashley noticed Santana had moved back to where she was previously sitting. People had also just started filing into the room, so the blondes also headed back to their seats. Three minutes later the bell rang and the teacher walked in.

“Hello class, I’m Mrs. Nyren. For the first nine weeks you all with have assigned seats. This will give me plenty of time to learn who you all are, especially since theirs only twenty students during first period,” Mrs. Nyren pulled a cart of text books over by my desk and handed one to me and told me to pass it back. “First, I’m giving you your books, and then I’m going to assign you your seats. After that, I’m going to explain some of the things we do in here. Class should be about over after that.”

Ashley was in the process of looking through her book to see what she would be learning when Mrs. Nyren announced it was time for assigned seats. There were forty desks in the class room: five going across the rows and eight going back.

“Okay, starting at the left, closest to the door and continuing back: Ashley Davies, Noah Puckerman, Trenton Wane, and Lindsey Core. Starting next to Ashley: Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Porter James, and Jeremy Forte. Next row: Quinn Fabray, Brittany Pierce, Kami Gourd, and Finn Hudson. Next: Santana Lopez, Tina Cohen-Chang, Sam Evans, and Mike Chang. Last row: Artie Abrams, Mercedes Jones, Lilly Raven Sky, and Corbin Pike.” Ashley didn’t pay attention to everyone else for the rest of the class period; she wanted to do good this year, so in order to do that, she had to focus in class.


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